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Side by Side UTV - DISCONTINUED...Sorry. 

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What are some of the many features & benefits of the new patent-pending ULTIMATE SIDE X SIDE RACK?
You can ...

  • pull a trailer while carrying your UTV
  • use the bed space to store gear or cargo
  • assemble and install the rack in a few hours
  • disassemble the rack for easy storage, if desired

The Ultimate Side x Side Rack does not rest on the bedrails of the truck.
10-foot long steel ramps are included.
When not in use, the ramps store on the rack under the loaded UTV.
The Ultimate Side x Side Rack is made of steel and aluminum.
The rack is powder-coated black with an orange peel finish.
The width of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack is 64", and it carries most UTVs currently sold.
The UTV faces forward, saving fender damage caused by wind.
Traveling with forward-facing machines conserves fuel, due to reduced wind resistance.

What is an Ultimate Side x Side Rack made of?
Ultimate Side x Side Racks are fabricated out of 2-inch tubular steel. The stationary joints are welded. Joints requiring assembly are connected with 1/2-inch, grade-5 bolts and ny-lock nuts. The tire pans are 1/8-inch diamond-plated aluminum. Ramps are constructed of steel.

How much does an Ultimate Side x Side Rack weigh?
A fully assembled side x side rack, without ramps, weighs 296 lbs. Each ramp weighs 47 lbs.

Is the Ultimate Side x Side Rack too big to allow me to pull my camp trailer?
Extensive testing has been done throughout the designing process of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack.  We have found that there is plenty of clearance between the rear end of the loaded UTV and the front end of a travel trailer.  In fact, we found that when making sharp turns, the truck came in contact with the trailer’s propane tank before the UTV and trailer even came close.

What if I end up on a rough road or uneven terrain?
Our research has shown that you could drive through quite a dip and the UTV still didn’t come in contact with the trailer.  However, you should always be careful and take it nice and easy on an uneven surface, and be aware of the possibility of contact if the dip is too deep.

How long does assembly take?
It will take approximately 3 – 4 hours to put your Ultimate Side x Side Rack together, including the winch system.  All necessary hardware, along with detailed instructions, is provided.

Are any modifications to my truck required?
Not necessarily. The Ultimate Side x Side Rack can be installed using the factory tie-downs installed in most new trucks.  If your truck doesn’t have factory tie-downs, use the four D-ring and swivel-bracketed plates provided in your hardware package.  We highly recommend their use. Not all trucks provide the appropriate tie-downs for safe and proper installation of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack. This step takes approximately 30 minutes, and is a one-time procedure. Complete instructions are included.

How do I get my Ultimate Side x Side Rack into my pickup truck?
You will most likely need some help getting the Ultimate Side x Side Rack into your truck.  Two people can quite easily lift it and set it into the truck, then it can be slid forward into place.  Or, with assistance, you can tilt the rack back onto its rear end (have someone hold it there), then position the truck directly in front of the rack and pick up the rear end of the rack.  Using the tailgate as a fulcrum, slide the rack into the truck bed. Use the four turnbuckles provided to secure the Ultimate Side x Side Rack to the truck bed.

Can one person install or uninstall an Ultimate Side x Side Rack alone?
Yes, but having another person there would be better.

Can I install an Ultimate Side x Side Rack if my truck has a plastic bed liner?
Yes. However, minor modifications are needed in order to expose the D-ring and swivel brackets. This can be accomplished by using a 2-inch hole saw or a small handsaw.

Does the Ultimate Side x Side Rack come in different sizes? 
No, the only way to carry a Side x Side UTV is on a long bed truck.

How do I secure my loaded UTV to the rack?
Your Ultimate Side x Side Rack will include our Ultimate Tire Bonnets and all necessary hardware for installation for them.  These tire bonnets will secure your UTV better than any other tie-down method we’ve seen.

How does a fully-loaded rack affect the way my truck handles?
Your truck will handle as if you were carrying a small camper. The weight of the UTV is transferred through the frame of the rack to the bed of the truck. No part of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack rests on or even touches the bedrails. This allows a very stable ride. The ride and handling will vary depending on the size of your truck.  Handling a truck with a loaded rack on it is easier than pulling a UTV on a trailer, especially on an uphill or downhill grade.

Where are the ramps stored when not in use?
The 10-ft.-long ramps, when folded, store conveniently on the rack platform under the loaded UTV, leaving the bed of your truck open for storage.  This is one of the most talked-about features of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack.

What is the angle of the ramps when attached to the rack?
The degree of angle varies with the height of your truck bed. If the top of your truck bed is at five feet, the angle of the extended ramps will be approximately 31 degrees.

How do I load my UTV on the rack?
All Ultimate Side x Side Racks include a 3000-lb. wireless winch system with a hand-held remote control.  Simply drive your machine up to the base of the ramps, then attach the winch, and winch your UTV up the ramps onto the rack.
Watch UTV winch loading video (5.4meg)

How do I unload my UTV?
Follow the loading procedure in reverse.

What are the dimensions of the Ultimate Side x Side Rack?
The Ultimate Side x Side Rack is 64 inches wide and 104 inches long.  The aluminum tire pans are 101 inches long.

What size UTVs can the rack carry?
As far as we know, the Ultimate Side x Side Rack will hold all currently made UTV except one.  There is a Kawasaki model Trans 4x4 that’s 11.6” longer than the standard 3010 model. This UTV is too long for the rack.  All others such as the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger will fit very nicely on our rack. Check the specs of the rack before ordering.

Do you make a model to fit small or mid-size trucks?
No.  Only a full-size long bed truck can handle the weight and size of a UTV.

Can I have a "custom" rack built?
Sorry, no. This patent-pending carrier system has been heavily researched and engineered. Any alterations could compromise the integrity of the rack.

After ordering, how soon will I receive my rack?
If in stock, we will ship your Ultimate Side x Side Rack within 2-3 days.  If we are temporarily out of stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  We can tell you at the time of ordering exactly what we have in stock.  We will send an e-mail confirmation to you on the date your rack is shipped. You will then be able to track it by the shipper’s PRO number.

What about shipping?
Your rack will be shipped by a common carrier and will arrive in three cardboard containers. You will need to pick up your Ultimate Side x Side Rack at the freight terminal nearest you in your geographic area. The total weight of the containers is approximately 327 pounds. The shipping cost will be $150.00 to a freight terminal near you. If you would like your rack delivered to your home, there will be an additional cost of $35.00 for residential delivery.

What has the response to Ultimate Side x Side Racks been so far?
When the new Side x Side UTVs first came out, we received so many phone calls and requests for a carrying system for them, we immediately went to work designing one.   It’s finally ready and in stock.  The patent-pending design has been fully tested for safety and convenient use.

What are some other benefits of owning an Ultimate Side x Side Rack?
Ultimate Side x Side Racks are constructed of high quality materials, providing maximum strength and durability. All open ends on the steel tubing have been capped, welded, and ground smooth.

The entire rack has been beautifully powder-coated to hold up under the harshest of weather conditions, and tolerates heat and moisture much better than paint. Powder-coating gives much longer wear, is chip-resistant, and looks great!

Our tire pans are a beautiful blend of functionality and appearance. The 1/8-inch plate aluminum is rust-proof, easy to clean and very durable. All edges are covered with a black rubber edge trim for a smooth finish, a superb look, and safety.

The Ultimate Side x Side Rack ramps are each ten feet long and constructed of steel. They can easily bear the weight of a UTV. After use, the ramps are folded and stored conveniently under the loaded UTV, leaving the truck bed space available for gear storage.

The patent-pending Ultimate Side x Side Rack is designed to complement your full-size truck!

The Ultimate Side x Side Rack rests on the floor of the truck bed, not on the bedrails, providing more stability and evenly-distributed weight. This feature prevents damage to your bedrails.

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